Monday, February 27, 2012

The Work Begins

The work has begun!!

But let's be clear from the very start.

I am not the one doing the work.

I am blessed with a husband who supports me in all my wild endeavors. And he can also envision the sanity that will result from me having my own creative space. He's loving. And smart. Grin.

This studio is my dream. But the actual building of it? This is my husband's creative outlet. My role will be the occasional helping hand, creative consultant, and provider of emotional and mental support. He will be the one doing the work.

Yes. I am VERY grateful for this.


(In case you are just joining in... here is the original post about my latest dream. Yesterday was ground breaking day!)

Here are a few photos of what was accomplished this weekend.

It was a fun day with friends over to help out. Good food and music rounded out the day.

Life is good!

Friend Harry and husband Dave.

Ian, my son, checking out work done so far. We'll see if he takes after Dave and lends a helping hand, or if takes after me and tends to supervise the process. Ha!

That's what he was checking out. The studio is going to have posts not a slab foundation. I'm learning a lot even if I'm not toiling a lot.

The four corners!

Me. The visionary, "photo documenter", and the grand Supporter.

Music amongst friends.

Life is beautiful!


  1. OMG!!!! It's actually happening!!! I'm so freaking excited for you!!!!!!

  2. This is so wonderful - I am truly happy for you ... okay, maybe a little jealous as i schlepp my tubs o' stuff up and down and up and down the stairs ... i will envision you in your own space, a mess of wonderment to call your own! xo