Thursday, March 29, 2012


Doesn't everyone have a belly cast that's been turned into a work of art on display in their living room?

Yep. That'd be me.

(Please forgive this terrible photo I took... )

I remember when my aunt first came to my house after my son was born, and it was standing in the corner. She NEVER mentioned it. Not once. And we have a SMALL house. It kinda stands out. And back then the walls were white, it stood out even more at the time.

I suppose it could make some folks nervous.

It's probably not everyone's cup of tea. But oh well... that doesn't seem to stop me...

The artist who created this beautiful piece is Brad Devereaux. He is someone I admire very much, a friend, and a completely unconventional kinda guy. You can read a wee bit more about him here.

His art is phenomenal. He should be famous.

I am one lucky person to know him and to have his art within the four walls of my house.

He's also hot.

I learned all about intuitive, fearless painting from this fabulous chica. But soon realized that this is what Brad has been doing all along. He creates from his soul, his heart. He cannot predict what will appear on the canvas or in his sculptures. It is pure magic to witness the results of the faith he has in this process. And not that this process comes easily. Oh no.

Here are some photos I took from his latest solo show... they don't do the art justice. The vibrant colors, the textures... I could study them for hours.

Aren't they just incredible?

I'm sharing Brad and his art with you because I just so believe more people need to know about his art, and him. And also, because he inspires me. When someone asks you that question, who are the heroes in your life? I can answer that one easily, Brad Devereaux.

And so it's him that I think of when I start letting the inner critic - also known as Fear - take up residence in my head, both whispering and shouting out all the reasons why I couldn't possibly be an artist ... I remember the unconventional heroes in my life, the far and few between, and how they inspire me. And how they remind me to keep going. No matter what. To light the candle in honor of courage, in honor of taking risks - despite the fear - to be unconventional, and to believe.


  1. Brad's work is amazing and inspiring Indi and my friend, so are YOU!

  2. Stunning! And I LOVE that you have your belly cast in the living room. It's a literal reminder of your creative power -Your risk taking, your belief in yourself, being in tune with your body and intuition. Brilliant!

  3. brilliant!! love his work...especially your belly-cast piece....*sigh* i wish i'd done one of those....and even way cooler to have it incorporated into a kick-ass sculpture...

    unconventional heroes rock the world...they do..


  4. I always wanted a belly cast and regret not getting one now.

    And oh my gosh. I love his work. It speaks to me. I am going to go internet stalk him. :). Thank you for sharing.