Saturday, March 17, 2012

Waiting for Spring

Daffodils and Snow

Blogs are places for us to tell our stories. Sometimes we don't even realize we're in the middle of a story until we go back and read our old posts. Or when we happen onto someone else's blog and read about their life. Witnessing these stories from a removed distance, with the passing of time or because it's someone we don't personally know, gives them that flavor of a good book, with narrative threads, repeating themes, dramatic crescendos, and intimate details.

Because actually, that is our life. It contains all of these elements. And when we step back and reflect on our life, we realize that not only is our life unfolding page by page, but that we are the authors and can actually shape and shift the story as we go along. And, at the same time, we can reframe our past stories and tell them in new ways. A once painful experience can, in hindsight, be seen instead as a pivotal moment of growth and transformation. How we tell the story is as important as how we live it.

At the moment I'm reading Amy Thomas' blog that she started when she moved to Paris, in 2009. She had no idea what what would await her in that beautiful city. But I'm reading it now, knowing that she just recently published her first book. It's fascinating to read about her days, her ups and downs, her lows and highs, not yet knowing that a published book was hers in the making!

Which makes me think about my own life. What stories am I writing right now? What unknown adventures await me as I go about my day to day chores, taking little steps with my art, dreaming big about the possibilities - my story is being told. I'm in the middle of it. Always.

Right now? I feel like not much is happening. And yet, when I step back and take the long view, I can see that plenty is going on. I'm painting more and more, I sold a painting, I've been commissioned to do a CD cover, I have business cards with my art on them, I organized another weekend for my sisters on the coast... But more importantly, I am in a place where I've never been before. I know that when I quiet the chitter-chatter in my head I can hear with such clarity the song of my heart. And that unlike in the past, if I have a dream, I know I can make it come true. It doesn't have to remain only a dream. I have what it takes to bring it to life. I have a new found confidence that I did not have only last year.

My perspective is different. My story has changed. The events may be the same, but how I see them has shifted.

I haven't taken advantage of this yet, but if you are interested in hearing your story told back to you, reframed, and lit up from within, you might want to check out this beautiful soul. She will help you see your story anew, "Reframing your story is a chance for you to step into a better life, through telling a new story - pouring love on you as you have the courage to change the stories you live by."

So today, as I sit here watching the snow fall, waiting for spring, I remind myself that though life seems to be crawling by, a little too slow for my taste, it is still happening, right now, and always. Every single moment.


  1. Thanks so much for introducing me to Amy's blog. How I would have loved to have read it as it happened!!

  2. mmmm...this is so juicy. and so true....

    the benefit of hindsight is very illuminating...

    you, my dear, are ON FIRE.

    "The events may be the same, but how I see them has shifted." <----- LOVE this..perspective makes a world of difference, doesn't it?


  3. I feel like I've been on this super sleuthing journey to uncover the pieces of my "story" ... connecting the dots if you will so I can mindfully go about erasing the beliefs and attitudes that confine me ... and I am beginning to see that is all any of us are trying to do through writing, painting, photography: to put down the details and weave them together into a story with meaning or hope or comfort or inspiration.

    Sigh. My fingers and head are muddled ... but what you share here just echoes so much of what I am going through/thinking about. And I love being the witness to the trajectory of YOUR path which is really inspiring and beautiful!


  4. Yes. I can only smile and say I understand so well. Thank you for the reminder