Friday, March 9, 2012

What I Do On Tuesdays and Fridays Instead of Laundry and Dishes

Here's what I could do:


Or laundry.

And yes, even this: check emails and get sucked into the wonderful world of Facebook.

(Luckily my ferocious attack cat Caesar guards the computer and so I am unable to even attempt this one.)

But instead I choose to do this.

Not without a little guilt. Not without a little angst.

But I do it anyway.

Thank [your choice of deity or life force name here].

Because then?

I can marvel at something like this:

Wondering where the heck it came from.

What it might mean.

And simply honor the process that brought it here.

* * *

In other news, I ordered some business cards. You know, with my art on them. I do believe it's time to start getting serious about my art. Yes, finally.

Oh, and because she's my Soul Sister for one, but more importantly because she has a fabulous story to tell, in a way that is not your usual "find your purpose" kinda message, you should visit HERE.

Over and out for the weekend! Happy trails!


  1. Lordy! Do you suppose I had too much of influence on you when you were a young'un?

    Love you!

  2. hot damn and hallelujah!! i freakin' LOVe that painting.

    dishes? pfft. laundry? pfft.

    how could such mundane things stand in the way of such brilliance?

    that's one bad-ass link...:) you have the most awesome friends...


  3. ah sweetheart your artwork is like dark chocolate truffles for my eyes, i can't get enough and it is rapturous!

    so when can i start purchasing your art?

  4. Your art continues to much depth,texture and beauty. I LOVE this direction and happy to hear that you ordered business cards with your ART on it...HELL YES! I don't do any dishes or laundry until 4pm. Actually, I try never to do laundry ;) So lovely to see your growth and spirit soar! xo