Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's On My Easel Today and Thank You!

Spring break starts on Thursday. And it is 9 days long ~ NINE! (That doesn't include weekends my friends.) That equals two Tuesdays and two Fridays if you're counting. Which you may not be, but I am. That means it will be over TWO WEEKS until I have some quiet alone time again.


I've mentioned that I am, at heart, a hermit, yes? But with a job and a child and a very small cabin in the woods. I NEED my alone time. It is my sustenance. Like air.

I'll survive.


So, with that in mind and today being Tuesday ... I made the most of my painting day. Not a dish was washed, a meal prepared, nor Facebook visited. (Ok, that's a lie. I did pop in for a minute while I was waiting for some paint to dry.)

And I'm so EXCITED by what appeared on the canvas. Each and every time, I am AMAZED by what shows up when I let go, when I quiet the inner critic, and slide into that intuitive groove.

I am feeling SO blessed and grateful that it's happening more often than not these days.

(Waaahh, TWO weeks...)

(I'll be okay.)


You'll remember last week painting #36 started out as painting #20 (go HERE to see the original and HERE for the finished version).

I decided I have a few others that need the same, um, treatment. I pulled out #21 and set about tapping into my intuition. This is the before.

I never liked it.

Well, I liked the little white orb over on the left. But that was about it. So it was no problem whatsoever to start smearing paint all over it.

And it all happened so quickly. Bada boom! It was done.

That right there is enough to make me believe in miracles.

And so here we have #37.


I'm so loving all these beings who are showing up in my paintings. So ethereal, such presence...

Ahhhhh. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE painting?

It's gonna be a long two weeks my friends ... maybe I'll forgo sleep?

Wish me luck.


I wanted to also say a huge THANK YOU to all you lovelies who are leaving comments here on this blog. It is such a divinely good feeling to be part of a supportive and encouraging group of folks. And I don't even KNOW some of you! That just blows me away. People I don't know are reading this blog. By choice ~ not because I've guilted you into it or because you are related to me!

How awesome are all of you! So thank you, sincerely, for the love.

It gives me faith in this big crazy world. It really does.


  1. Oh Indigo, how I adore you!! SQUEEE indeed! I can feel the power in all of this! Good golly, she is emerging from the cosmos itself. Beeaauutiful.

  2. two weeks??! wowzers...our here was only one week....which was long....:)


    i could get lost in your paintings for ages....soooo much juicy depth....

    just think: spring break=spring is (mostly)here=warm weather=studio building!!!! and once it's built, i'll loan you my slavering hound to guard the door until i have my shed on the beach...:)


  3. I am really thrilled for you and this blast of creative/spirit magic. I agree with Mel I could get lost in the depths of colour and texture. I love the beings of Beauty and spirit that I see in there.

  4. I am always blown away by what you create!!