Friday, March 23, 2012

What's On My Easel Today

I have decided to step up my blogging experience. I feel like I want to get more creative here. Share more of me. Tell my story with a little more depth. So, starting today, I am going to be doing some "regular" posts. Showing you the process of my art, sharing photos that reflect my life right now, filling you in on my stories, past and present.

And I'm starting today. Here's what I'm working on right now in "my art studio" (aka the kitchen table).

Remember this painting? It is called Love. And was #20 of 43 from my 43 Painting series I embarked on last year. I did this one last summer, in August.

I wasn't quite happy with it. It felt like it came a little bit too much from my brain and not my heart. A little too linear, a little to cerebral. And so I decided it needed a do-over. Or a make-over. Or whatever you want to call it. Here's what happened in one sitting.

The central Buddha looking figure was "supposed to be" Sarasvati, Indian goddess of the arts, music, knowledge and learning. And see there was that problem again, trying a little too hard to create some certain thing. Even when my intuition was saying, let go. Don't hold on too hard to any one thing. See what happens. You might be surprised.

In my determination to let go I did. I dripped paint down the canvas and threw paint. (Not recommended when you live in a small house and paint on the kitchen table. Oops.) I got messy. SO not easy for this well entrenched Virgo.

And you know what? It felt GREAT! Of course it did! I can't wait for my actual studio to be done so I can get even messier!!

But I left Sarasvati there. Floating around in the middle. Not sure of what will happen to her in this journey. It will be interesting to see.

The next session gave us this progress.

I was in a quieter space. So lots of detail work. Dots. Layers. Texture. It felt a little more contemplative. A little deeper into the process.

Can I tell you how much I love this? Riding the wave of fast and furious and messy. Slowing down to reflect and go within. Pure bliss.

Painting is my meditation. It beats sitting on a pillow any day. My mind quiets down (for stretches anyway, not entirely of course) and my intuition, my heart, my soul, gets a chance to sing. I love her song.

Stay tuned... we'll see what comes next!


  1. GORGEOUS 0 that transformation is stunning!

  2. Wow thanks for making the decision to blog more of you.
    I loved seeing the journey of this painting. It's gorgeous and
    powerful and all the parts of it were--part of it becoming what it became and that is so inspiring to see and remeber. So thanks my lovely one.

  3. *squeeeeeeeee* more of YOU..yes, yes, YES!!!


    love reading/seeing about your process....isn't it a wild ride? better than sitting on a cushion...oh YES!


  4. OOOH love when you share such juicy *messy* details!! It's amazing-
    Blessings, wild sister!

  5. Love it! I am always just amazed to see how ones Art unfolds :) Thank you for sharing your process.

  6. I'm glad you are going to be posting more, I love seeing what you are up to and following your process. xo

  7. Hi Indigo! How juicy awesome. And I love your Mermaid. whew!