Friday, April 27, 2012

The Running Season

I've been running again. I started off walking. Then "walgging" (jogging till you can't and then walking till you regain your breath). And progressing into straight jogging. Now I'm up to jogging with short bursts of actual running. Like, fast.

I've managed to not fall down. That right there is success. Grin.

There seems to be a certain rhythm to my running. Meaning, I will run consistently for many many months. Then stop. And not do it again for a long, long while.

The urge then returns. Walking, walgging, jogging... you get the idea. The pattern repeats.

Without looking back at a calendar or diary or journal, I know what this means now, when I start running again.

It's time to push through to the next thing. It's time to challenge myself. My body.

I'm moving because I can't NOT move. Something is ready to happen, and my body can't sit still. I must get off my feet and take myself to a new level.

So I lace up my shoes. I get through the panting and wheezing phase. I run. And soon enough, when I keep at it, I feel the joy instead of the pain.

Sticking with it, I see changes happen in others area of my life.

New opportunities. New possibilities. New vistas.

I'm better now at paying attention to these personal rhythms than I used to be. I see how everything is so connected.

And it's damn exciting! Let me tell you!

To see the correlations between what my body knows. And what my heart feels.

Exciting times folks! Thanks for being here right along with me!


  1. Running is such a powerful medium for creating a shift. It's been years since I've felt able to run. Maybe that's what belly dancing is for me. Conduits for our holy rhythms-

  2. ah...i wish i could run again. i start from time to time but then my knees cack out and i'm back to not running. although maybe once we move i can run on the grass and it won't be so bad. maybe i'm meant to be a turf runner. which is only funny if you understand horse-racing. anyway. rambly-ramblestein.

    totally jazzed for you -- for the running and the what-comes-after. you are incorrigible, however. the teasing. it's just not fair.


  3. so cool you see that correlation!