Monday, April 23, 2012

Snapshots of My Life

The Scents of Spring

They can be potent!

Do you have this lovely where you are?

I wish I had the exact name. Maybe one of you will know? I believe it is in the Buckthorn family.

Every spring its flowers give off this very, um, fertile scent.

Early in the morning the aroma is at its strongest. This is when I walk/jog/run. 

Boy oh boy. It's powerful. Instense. DISTRACTING!

I learned from a friend that local high school students - obviously the ones recognizing the scent quite easily - I would NOT have recognized it being the late bloomer that I was - call them cum trees.

So there you go. 

NOW maybe you know what it smells like.


Just keeping things interesting around here folks.

Must be spring fever.



  1. hahaha!! i totally know the shrub of which you speak. or is it a bush? ahem.

    don't know what it's name is -- although I've never heard it called by that particular very inventive the youth of today...

    such delights as these are proof positive that God/Goddess/Spirit has a wicked sense of humour...:)


  2. ha. Made me Laugh.I know and there is a reason for the scent.
    But Mother nature is mysterious in her miraculousness.