Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's On My Easel Today

Hello Friends!

This week I'm continuing with the Art by the Inch project. 

You can read about it here.

And then you can see where we left off last week here.

Last Friday I met with a couple other artists and we worked collaboratively on a different mural.

I was kinda nervous.

First, showing my mural and what I was creating. You know, being vulnerable. 
 And second, working with other artists that I didn't know.


And the two lovely folks I met and painted with? 
OMG! They are like, you, know, SUCCESSFUL and wonderful! 

One is a collage/paper artist (whose art I've seen for years at various art shows and exhibits in the county). The other works with feathers. THE MOST GORGEOUS pieces EVER! She's made her living through her art. Both have been creating for many years. 

I felt like such the newbie.

After being totally scared I showed them the start of my mural. They loved it. Ack. Really? And one said, "Oh, I can already see the pieces I want to cut out here, and here, and here..."


It felt totally surreal.

When it was time to get started our host had brought out a bunch of paint and some different types of gel mediums.
But here's the funny thing. Neither of them are painters. 

And so guess what?
They asked ME where we should start!


So I told them all about Fearless Painting. I answered their questions the best I could. Talked about my process and how I like to work. And then I got us started. Putting down some different gel mediums and then throwing down the paint.

Best afternoon ever!

I'll be going back to work on it some more this Friday and meet two other artists who will be contributing to the piece.

Here's a couple pictures, not the best, but you get the idea.

I'll share more photos as it evolves.


And. So. My mural piece.

Here's how it looks after today.

I spent quite a lot of time doing close up detail work.

Getting into the detail phase is so meditative for me. I could do it for hours and hours.

And I can say that after the challenges of last week? This week was WAY more FUN!


So, stay tuned till next week... and, I have some BIG news that I'll be sharing. 



  1. BIG news?!?!?! i'm *squeeeeee*-ing already! (you're such a tease)

    LOVE your painting...omG, i LOVE it!! it reminds me of A Wrinkle In Time..did you ever read it? i imagine those figures are like Mrs.Whatsit et. al...divine beings....

    don't mind me...i tend to veer off on this wild interpretations...

    LOVE!! xoxox

  2. Your work has just exploded! I mean, you seem to be full throttle into fearless joy-filled painting and your work keeps getting richer and richer! I am soo excited for all that is happening in your life and dare I say, I am trying to let your energy pull me along a bit? (Like following behind a semi ... a semi of art and love and inspiration!)

    I hope one bit of your news involves organizing a painting retreat! I need my tribe!!

  3. Beautiful, , splendid wondrous. BIG and fearless.
    Love and hugs and me too SQUEE

  4. Oh Indie, I am so flipping happy for you ~ seeing this all come together for you makes my heart so happy.