Friday, May 4, 2012

Magic, Effort, and Believing in Me. Oh, and Some News

This may be a bit long, but you're gonna want to read all the way to the end.
There's something good down there. Just sayin'.


I'm seeing how these three little things go together:

Believing in Me


They are not automatically great partners.
They don't always show up at the same place at the same time.

But when the three join forces, powerful things happen.

Effort may have to come first. Whether or not you believe in yourself. You just have to get in there and do "the work."  And defining work is going to be a whole lot different for me than it is for you.

For me?

It means painting.

Not dreaming of painting.
Not taking another class that teaches painting.
Not dabbling in painting here and there and sometimes.

It meant committing to painting all the time. (Well, you know, with a day job and a small child, when I could fit it in.) But it meant fitting it in when sometimes it would have been more fun to go have coffee with a friend, or die a slow death on Facebook. Making the choice to put paint on canvas and do it again and again and again. Having a goal certainly helped. A lot. But it was only me that could keep it moving along. No one else was going to call me up and say, "Hey, whatever happened to those 43 paintings?"

The believing in me part? Whoa. That's a slippery slope, isn't it? One moment it's there. Next it's gone. Surrounding myself with other like-minded souls has helped tremendously. Get yerself some! And if you don't know where to start, go here, even if you don't paint. You may just want to start. Trust me on that one. And put yourself out there. Be seen. That is the scariest shit ever. In my honest opinion. Your results may differ.

By sharing yourself, your vulnerable places? People respond. And they will encourage you. Wouldn't you do the same for someone else? The naysayers? Make less or no time for them. Say no to anything that doesn't fill you up. Especially if it makes you feel guilty for saying no. Especially then. Even if you have to say no over and over and over. It gets easier. People may not understand. Watching you blossom though? They may start to get it. They may surprise you. Oh, and definitely say yes to the things that DO fill you up. For sure.

The magic? Well. It seems that my experience has been that by focusing on the first two? (Effort. Belief in Me.) That suddenly magical things happen. Or you could call it synchronicity. Being in the right place at the right time. Knowing the exact right person. Doors open. Angels sing. Seriously.

And I can only tell you this because I am experiencing it.

First hand.

No new-age mumbo-jumbo sparkly-pants woo woo.

(Well, for me it's the same thing. Grin.)

But, YES. From my personal direct experience.

I have been painting.
I have been shedding the old voices of not-enoughness and adopting the ones of YES I CAN-ness.

Magic has happened.

Here's one result of all three:


Next Saturday, May 12, 2012.

You are personally invited.

Expressive Souls - Art Show
By Indigo Carlton

Twenty original works of art, by me!

Rosebud's Cafe, Jackson, California.


That's right. Me.

Can I tell you exciting this is for me? Can you even imagine? Twenty years ago I would never have believed that I would someday have the courage to take the steps I have taken. To make real the dreams that have lived in my heart for so long. To have believed in myself enough to see magic happen.

Friends? You all believed in me and helped make this happen.

Thank you.

Deeply. Truly. Completely.

More information next week. Promise. With more details.

Oh, and because I haven't been busy enough.

Next week I also will be showing off my new website!



  1. omfgomfgomfgomfg



    *capers madly around room*

    i am SO. fucking. proud.

    holy shit.

    'scuse the profanity. i swear when i get excited!!


  2. What Mel said!!!! :). This is SUCH a fabulous post...I am so moved and SOOOOO proud of you!!!!!!!

  3. I am so frickin excited for you that I want to literally run all the way from Texas to California to give you the biggest squeeze ever!!! AND stay a while so that I can celebrate with you and go to your art show - YOUR art show!!!!!!! (Dang - way to kick that hamster wheel to the curb woman!!!!!)


    I am so so SO excited for you! And so frackin' inspired ... as you may or may not know, I've been struggling with this notion of really committing to my painting (yeah, on top of part-time job and family and some sanity) so this THIS seems like the boost I need to remember and believe.

    You had better post lots of pictures for all of us to enjoy.

    xo Lis

  5. Okay, my comment just got eaten?

    I am so so SO excited for you! You had better take lots of pictures for all of us so we can vicariously enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    And this is so timely as you may or may not know, but I've been wrestling with this notion of committing - Really Committing - to my painting (on top of a pt job, family & sanity) so this is exactly the inspiration I need to strengthen my intentions.

    I am so very proud of you! SQUEAL!!!!

    xo Lis

  6. Me too all of the above. So happy and excited and thrilled for you and also want to add along with the joy I feel for your exciting news the gratitude for the post because like Lis says above--it is a boost for me to remember and believe

  7. How exciting! I wish I could go!!! You'll have to make a short video and post it on Facebook so I can share in your day!! So happy for you, Indi!! xoxoxoxox

  8. SOOOOOOO freaking excited for you!! I wish wish wish I could be there. I hope you'll share pics. Enjoy every second of your night!

  9. So happy for you! Kudos for doing the work even if it is isn't easy! Congrats!

  10. This is so incredibly AWESOME!!!! I am so excited for you girl! Enjoy it all!!Big Hugs! xxxooo

  11. I would love to see your show!! Sorry i'm so far away. Good Luck!!

  12. "No new-age mumbo-jumbo sparkly-pants woo woo." Love that.

    Yup...there's 'trying' and there's DOING. Kudos on getting past the words (from our mouths or stuck in our heads) that prevent us from action. That's some big work you've accomplished, my old friend! Much love to you~and keep it up.

  13. So amazingly crazy ass proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! No words can convey my sheer joy! love you so much sister!

  14. Go you!!! I am so, so happy for you. I so needed to read these words today. And oh my gosh, how freaking exciting! Yay!