Thursday, May 31, 2012

Still Here

In the tumble that is my life, here are some things I am grateful for right now:


*Paint on my fingers

*Cat fur on my clothes, because it reminds me of them

*Breathing in the right now, nothing else matters

*A not so little fiery red-headed boy & his love

*The cool Breeze first thing in the morning before the Sun takes over for the day

*Sweet dreams (even the cheesy one where I was making out with Johnny Depp ~ I know! Right?)

*A hot cup of tea to start my day

*Being part of a tribe

*A generous co-worker

*My mom

*Feeling overwhelmed, and being ok with it, not trying to deny it or change it


*That people take the time to write their blogs in hopes of connecting, sharing, and reminding us that we are all together in this big crazy thing called life

What are you grateful for today?


  1. You made out with Johnny Depp??? Why can't I have dreams like that! :D Love you!! Thinking of you sister!! xoxoxo