Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's On My Easel

And suddenly? 

Life got crazy.

May is filling up fast with family, friends, school, and many other kinds of events.

I'm hanging on. But not sure how it's all going to happen.

Actually. It's quite fun.

(Remind me I said this, won't you?)

And I was hoping to have a big announcement, but alas. 'Tis not to be. I promise I'm not doing this to tease you. Last week was a tease. This week? Just not confirmed information. So not yet.



I've been super busy getting things ready.

(Okay, THAT's teasing.)

Despite the craziness, painting is also happening.

The mural project is still going strong, but today I worked on a couple other paintings I'm finishing up for the big announcement.  (hee hee)

Here's the first one, Bouquet (#39 of 43 by the way, if you're keeping track). I thought I was taking photos along the way, but alas, I completely forgot.

And here's the second one, a work in progress. It's based on a dream I had. I've never tried to capture an image from a dream before. Getting it just right felt important. The exact placement of the bear and the drum, the colors. My inner critic piped up and wanted to tell me how horrible my bear was coming along. I kindly reminded her that it's a dream, it can look how I REMEMBER it, not like a naturalist's photograph from Field and Stream ... sheesh.  She kept quiet after that.

I did remember to take some photos, but I feel like it still has lots more layers to go. Layers of paint, and layers of meaning. A shamanic bear with a drum. NOT your every day subject matter.

The colors in the dream were SO vivid, pinks and purples. I started there, but then let my intuition take over.

It got pretty messy... but I was having fun! It felt right, after getting the original images down then I knew it was time to let go. To let my imagination take flight. And listen to my heart on colors and shapes. Here's what happened...

...then I smothered it in indigo. Of course, right? 

And that's as far as I got. I'll show you the final results as I get there.

I will also update you on the mural project as it evolves.

And HOPEFULLY (cross fingers) I'll have the big announcement by next week!

Keep creating my friends. Cultivate that inner voice. Listen. Trust. And make your choices from there. In your creativity. And in your life. You might just be surprised at what you'll discover and the adventures you'll have!


  1. Lovin' that bear ... oh my, YES! I am gathering energy to start a dancing Ganesha for an exhibit of Ganesha this summer ... fingers crossed!

    You lit a fire under me for sure! And yipee for painting #39!!!

    xo Lis

  2. You inspire me-- the steady gently way you keep going and keep making beautiful work. I love your paintings and the things they say to me.

  3. LOVE both of them!!!! But the Bouquet tugs my heart!

  4. God how I love that bear, and I was coming to tell you so (from all the way over in my reader) :), and I saw your banner. Those colours stopped me in my tracks. So now I am here to say I love the bear and your banner.