Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I am here.
Though I don't feel very present.
It feels like I am in the middle of a whirlwind.

Today, quietly. I sit in the center of it all.
Panic wants to seep in. I ask it to please hold off, if it wouldn't mind.
It's partially working.

So, instead of babbling on...

Here are some snapshots from the most beautiful weekend ever. 

The Hanging of the Paintings

Paintings in the ready.

My little helper, and just perhaps my number one fan.

I realized I didn't take that many pictures of the paintings once they were hung up on the walls, here are a few.

Celebration with Friends and Family

Mother's Day 

...And An Adventure

Teahouse Studio in Berkeley

The magic of women gathering.

One lovely, inspiring Soul...

...And another.

Oh, and I got to splurge at an art supply store!  
Two HUGE canvases await paint and some love. I'm SO excited!!


And from here?


This week... some important reflections need to happen. Some decisions perhaps. Painful. Not easy.

I could use some love and a little bit of light, if you wouldn't mind?

Thank you dear friends. For celebrating with me. For your love and encouragement. 

For believing in me. For being part of this crazy life!


  1. {{{ <3 }}} You are such a beautiful radiant soul. Love you

  2. Love this post. I am filled up with all the good feelings expressed in pictures and your happiness just shines through my screen. Congratulations on all you have created.

  3. Wow! you have been busy. Yay for all of it. I love the finished bear, and sending you light and love for big decisions.

  4. Hello lady full of light, I am so stoked for you! look at all you've set out to do, and done! You are an inspiration, and yes I will hold you in my heart and prayers today to help you through this time. I printed out your "Magic Effort and Believing" Post, and have been thinking about it ever since, and I thank you for being open and true. My "Effort" in the painitng world has been a bit lacking lately, and I needed to read how important it is to make it a priority. Gracias chica, and remember to Trust that your higher self will guide you. love and peace.xx

  5. Good thoughts going to you. Thank you for your courage.