Thursday, July 19, 2012

Art Love

I've been feeling really ungrounded lately. Restless. Not sure what to do with myself.

Wanting to trust. To just be okay with that.

Another part of me however is really needing that grounding.

It's been hard to sit down and paint. 

Painting grounds me. Completely. Even if it takes me half a day to feel even close to that. I know that eventually, even just a half hour of painting, increments at a time, will slowly take me to that place.

But this restlessness? Haven't even been able to sit down to paint.

Which seems to create more restlessness.

Vicious cycle.


Despite that, I was so honored to be asked to participate in the 6th annual WAM event. A wine, art and music event in the tiny little gold rush town of Amador City. I think the population is about 150. But they pull people in from all over the county and beyond.

It was a hot night. But such a great time to hang out with friends. See folks from this community that I've been calling home for the past 13 years. Connect with new people. Reconnect with old friends. 

And, very important, push through boundaries and fears and share my art and myself with locals. Face to face. A lot more scary than doing it online.

I had a wonderful time.

My booth was funky. And perfect. My dear Sister helped out tremendously in providing just the right props and patience to help me set up my space for the first time ever. And another dear Sister had a booth right next to me. Lucky me.

I'm looking forward to sharing more of my art ~ and me ~ in the future.

For now though?

Feeling itchy to take a road trip.

And yet?

Sitting down in the stillness...  WITH the itchiness.  WITH the restlessness.

Perhaps THIS is what I really need to do.

We'll see.


  1. You can always come this way!

  2. My heart kept agreeing with your words. Thanks. I need to work on being present in my life.

  3. Look at you in a booth sharing your art with the world!