Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello? Hello?

Anybody there? Are you still there? 

I disappeared for a while. 

Major life changes. Things upside down. 
A bit of a whirlwind ride it's been.
The dust is settling now.

And I have internet at home, finally.  
That put a serious cramp in my blogging life, let me tell you.

Let's see, what all has been going on? 

Had my first ever solo art show at a local cafe. *Squeeee!*

Sold 5 - yes, FIVE - paintings!!!  *Double Squeeee!*
Thank you Mary and Meghan of the most awesomely delicious Rosebud's.

Moved house.

Increased my hours back up at work again.

My brother came for a short visit.

I left my marriage.

Uh, what?

Yes, I did. 
I'm not gonna go into the details. 
But as you can imagine, life got, well, different.
Maybe someday I'll share more about all that, but for now, it needs a safe harbor and a quiet little place to hunker down in. Where there are reflecting pools and gentle cleansing tides...

So that catches you up to now.

This weekend I am participating in a local Wine, Art, Music event. I will be drinking wine, yes I will, but I will also have a booth to display (and, ahem) sell my art. 

Somehow I managed to find time to paint in all the ensuing craziness that came about. 

Actually, I needed to paint. I couldn't NOT paint. Even surrounded by a million unknowns and just about as many moving boxes, I made it happen. Painting grounds me. Painting taps into the core of me that is full of love, does not judge ~ myself or others, sings songs out loud and flings glitter dust about. My soul demanded that I paint. It was not a choice. 

I was more than willing to listen.

What I have learned this past year, if nothing else, is that my creativity is my lifeline. It is how I breathe. It is who I am. There is no separation. Tapping into the vast unknown of Creative Source fills my well, it brings peace to my heart, excitement to my soul, and even a certain well-beingness to my body.

I can't imagine not having a creative outlet in my life.


Can I hear a Hallelujah & Amen to that!

And, drum roll please...

I also finally finished painting #43!

Woo hoo! (And I'm still 43 years old, so that is awesome!) You can't see it here yet. Having a Firefox/Java Plug-In/Blogger problem. I have a Mac. Anyone? But you can see #1-40 there.

And, I will share #41, #42, and #43 below.

Hope your summer is full of your own personal brand of creativity! 

Tell me what you've been doing!

SO glad to be back.

Have missed you all!

Art By the Inch Mural Fundraiser - Finished! And all in pieces now!
(I will have some of those pieces available at a future date... stay tuned..)

(Don't you just LOVE her?!)

Cosmic Presence

What a perfect ending for my quest, don't you think?

Now what shall I take on next...?

Did I mention my new website? Oh dear. I don' think I did!!


  1. i DO love "Divinity"! ;) much love to you through changing times, woman. change is rarely comfortable and almost always good in the end, i do believe.

  2. powerful and moving and exciting post. Much love. I agree with Hali about change. You are adored

  3. Love #43. And the spiral! How did I know to ask for help with my spiral!

    1. Indigo, I love that you are back, that you have continued to paint through this time, and especially that your art is winging it's way out into the world. Keep it up, you are clearly on a good path.

  4. I love #43... it reminds me of looking for the spirals in everything while we were at Soul Tribe... Love this and most especially LOVE YOU!!!