Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blogging has taken a back seat once again.

It's been an odd couple of months, blogging wise. Wanting to share. Not sure what to share. The boundaries between being open, vulnerable, authentic... and yet respecting others' who may not want to read about their lives here. Finding the balance? Not really. So just stayed quiet.

Ready to share again.

It's been a busy time. Lot's going on. But I have been determined to not let the many facets of daily life - the day to day details that must be seen to - get in the way of adventure, creativity, and time for myself.

A little recap of what's been happening...

Here is a painting I finished recently. It's very sparkly because of the flash. Actually a fun effect that I wasn't aiming for.

(new painting)

I also needed to have some travel fun. It feels like travel has fallen way down on the list of priorities over the years. It used to be number one. I miss it. It's partially due to finances. But also seeking other paths and exploring different avenues. Time to move it up on the list again. I took my son to visit my brother and Los Angeles. For Ian it was a the chance to soak up big city life. He loves him some skyscrapers. Fortunately my brother lives right in the middle of the historic district of downtown LA. Heaven for one little 7 year old.

(Ian with his Uncle Scott, on the rooftop of my brother's apt. building)

For me it was a bit of a nostalgic visit, having grown up in Los Angeles. We drove around all the the familiar sites and scenes - same yet different - with 80's alternative rock as the background soundtrack. Took me right back.

We did big city things...  

Hanging out at cafes.

(cafe time)

Took in the art scene.

(second Saturday art walk, downtown LA)

 Had sushi in Little Tokyo.

(Ian's favorite sushi, he always amazes me)

And we did touristy things too...

That's the Hollywood sign back there on those hills.

 (I grew up looking at those antenna towers on the top of those hills, but from the other side)

 We saw a movie in Hollywood too. But no movie stars.

(no one more famous than the muppets)

And we had to go to the beach, of course.

(nothing like the beach)

All in all, a very successful visit! 

A fabulous get-away before school started up.

And this is my son. Love him.

(Ian's desk at school)

As if all that weren't enough going on, this handsome fellow ended up moving in after all (long story).


Unfortunately, The Queen...

(P.C. The Queen."P" standing for precious, pretty, princess, precocious... "C" for cat)

...she is SO not into him. It's been an adventure and a half keeping the peace around here. Territory issues. Feeding issues. Howling in the middle of night issues.  Exhausting. But what can I do? Love those kitties.

And before summer disappears completely, one more adventure. The aunts were in town. We got to spend the afternoon on a boat on the Sacramento river. One of them is not doing so well, so it was a bittersweet day. But the beauty of the river and the joy on my child's face filled me up. Health is something to not take for granted, a reminder that is both hard to remember but so worth remembering.

(on the river)

And finally. 


Got a gift of a superb table - thanks KW! Art studio is at last starting to take shape. So I've been dabbling with paint and art journaling (it's been forEVER!).

(Misty gives his blessing of the space)

And generally basking in the goodness that this space holds.

Full moon - blue moon. A blessedly good space.

(view from studio, full blue moon)

Have missed this blogging place.

It's nice to be back.

And VERY excited to be heading towards autumn. 

My most favorite time of year!

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