Friday, September 14, 2012

Mapping My World

Time to share what I've been creating the past couple months.

I feel like I don't make enough time for painting these days. Or that there just doesn't ever seem to be enough time for painting. But I realize I could say that about exercise too. Ha. Yet paintings have been created, retouched, finished, started...they have come into existence! The exercising? Not so much.

Part of me feels that I'm being kept so busy to stay out of my own way. That my Soul, my Gorgeous Deeper Self, is silently guiding to me to the exact right place. But it needs to keep me distracted and busy because otherwise I might steer us wrong. I might take us off into boring old directions. Well-worn paths. Been-there-done-that kind of things. Instead, wild adventures and opportunities are in the making, bigger than I could ever have dreamed up.

Yah. That's what I'm thinking.

In all my busy-ness.  


Keep convincing yourself Ms. Indi. Ha!

I am also feeling a bit of a rebellious streak coursing through my veins these days. You see, one of my stories is that I have always been the "good kid," the well-behaved one. The polite one. The one who does her best and sees the silver lining (at least for others if not always for herself). The one who is never late. Who always finishes her homework. Eats her veggies. The compassionate one. The conscientious one. The reliable one. The one who leads by example. Blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to make myself out to be super perfect or anything, oh no. I've done plenty of things that my mother never needs to know about. But the word RESPONSIBLE has often been attached to me.

And I'm a bit bored with this.

I want a break. I need to change things up.

I'm ready for some high heels, red lipstick and decadent food. I have no interest at the moment in giving a damn. Self-improve all you want, save the planet, seek enlightenment, be present, find your soul's path, dream your big dreams, create the world you want to live in. 


Give me a glass of wine and a good time.

So. Giving myself permission.

Just so you know.

It might get ugly. Or better. Who knows! Aren't you tempted to join me? 

Mwa ha ha....!!!


Okay. That being said. On to the paintings.

I got into a dripping phase. Dripping paint down the canvas. Two paintings ended up being defined by these drips. One I shared earlier but I'll share them both here now together.

They have an eerie quality to them. Spooky, yet powerful. I don't know. What do you think?

The other phase that I have gotten into (yes, two paintings count as a phase) are dots . Although I have dabbled with them before in the past.

Dots. Lots of 'em!

I am drawn in a very powerful way to contemporary Aboriginal art from Australia. The works are perhaps described as more representational or symbolic. There is a style that involves many many dots and symbols unique to that culture and place, yet are also universal. Images that represent actual physical locations on Earth and also ethereal places from the Dreamtime. I don't know if I am describing it very well, you can learn more about it here.

And while my dots and symbols are quite different from those in Aboriginal paintings, they are of course from my life and my own experience in the Dreamtime. Through my paintings and my dots, I am mapping out my world.  We'll see what shows up. Or where these maps take me.

This last one? My favorite I've done so far. 

So that's the painting being done. More in the works.

Stay tuned.


By the way, Happy Birthday to all the FABULOUS Virgo's out there. 
We're a pretty awesome bunch.

I started celebrating over a week ago. And I will be celebrating all weekend. And beyond. I think a month is the minimum for honoring our incredible selves, n'est-ce pas?

So that's the news in Indigo Land.

What's happening with you?


  1. Love your work! Both physical and personal!

  2. Love you and all that you are and do... you are such a wonderful inspiration... and I'll be happy to don red lipstick (not the heels, I'm too klutzy) and go out!