Sunday, January 6, 2013


Today is Epiphany. This is a holiday I have never celebrated, but now know more about only because of my obsession with everything France. There happens to be a cake associated with today, galette des rois, and THAT is how I learned about it. Those twelve days of Christmas? They come AFTER the the big J's birthday, and lead up until today, when the three kings actually delivered those fabulous gifts. You can read more about it here, and the cake, here.

However, a few days ago I also had my OWN epiphany (no gifts appeared, nor did three handsome kings, bummer ~ although I suppose the epiphany WAS the gift, so I'm not complaining mind you). It was regarding my art. Specifically, how to get my art out into the world, to start earning an income from it (a steady one) ~ basically, marketing. Ugh.

I've been fretting and stressing about this for a while. Doing nothing, of course, about it. Because I just wasn't sure where to start. There is the traditional world of art galleries and knowing the right people to send your work to. But then there is this whole other world of online forums and social media, also now proving a viable way to market one's creative ventures. What was right for me? Did I need to learn more about the online approach? Would my art fit into more traditional methods? Should I be doing both? Or should I just keep asking questions and running myself in circles accomplishing nothing?

Then the epiphany came! 

I need to do what is fun. What I enjoy. What fits me and my personality. That calls on my strengths. And what fills me up. 

Wow. So simple!

If I turn my art adventures, which I love creating, into tedious to do lists of things that bring me down and fill me with dread, then how long can I possibly sustain that? The idea is to eventually make a living doing what I love. That is, creating art. And if I start off right at the beginning of this venture filling my spare time with things I don't enjoy doing, then why bother? Why quit the day job to pour my heart into work I loathe?

Now, I'm not sure exactly what this means yet. What exactly fills me up? (Besides the actual putting paint to canvas.) But it sure makes for a more exciting start to the year. 

By changing the question from, "How do I market my art?" to one of "How do I share what I love with others?" I open up a whole new world of possibilities.

It's very exciting!

So, I'll keep you posted. 

However, in the meantime, if you have a hankering for some art that just perchance speaks to your soul, you can find it both here at my website, and here at my online portfolio

Thanks for supporting the arts (and me)!


  1. congratulations on the insight, and thank you for sharing it! I've had those days where I just don't feel like painting, even though its scheduled to be done, that day. I usually don't. I agree with your philosophy -- I want it to be a labor of love, not drudgery.

  2. brilliance abounds!! i know exactly where you're coming from....i very much want to share what i have to offer with the world...but not at the price of my own inner comfort, y'know? i can't do the squick and spangle...

    excellence on the insight,yes....and i'm quite certain it will all fall wonderfully and Indigoly into place!