Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flexing My Faith

If you've been reading along here for a while you know that I have developed into quite the Francophile over that past couple years. Not sure where this stems from. It could be their deep appreciation of art, the fabulous food and wine, the beautiful language...  or it's been suggested that in some past life I was French. I kinda like that one. Whatever it is, I'm not too worried about its source. I'm just delving into the fun of it. 

My dear Soul Sister dared to suggest the other day that THIS be the year we actually go there. You know, for real. We've both been before, but it's been ages. Time to go back! 

Wow. This year? So soon? I mean, I still can't speak more than 6 words of French. Could I be so far away from my son. And what about the money? Where will it come from?

As you can imagine some fear gremlins (thank Ms. Connie for this phrase, LOVE it!) jumped in and were all too ready to sabotage the plans before I could even Google "cheap flights to France." Thanks a lot you little buggers.

So I sat them down and had a little chat and told them to chill. Why NOT make this happen? Why not believe that it's possible? Why not cut back on those frou frou coffee drinks and save a little extra cash? Why not believe that I actually can make my dreams come true? It's not like I haven't done it before. Right? I seem to be someone that is able to make things happen. A little reminder is sometimes in order.

Et voilĂ . Just like that. I decided to change my mind. From "There is no way it could happen." to "Yes, I'm going to make this happen!"

It's quite a leap of faith. And will take action on my part. But dammit, I'm ready. Enough dreaming, time for doing.

Thanks for your encouragement!

And, until I can get there, here's an amazing video - it took more than 100,000 photos to create it!  (Thanks to Sion at paris (im)perfect, which is where I came across it.)

Oh, and I don't want to forget to update you on the dryer haps. It's in my house! I'm coordinating hook up. (It's a gas one, a little more complicated than just plugging it in, and I have no desire to start messing with gas, thank you very much. I've waited this long, a couple more days won't bother me.) Then I'll be drying clothes from the comfort of my own home! 
Woo hoo!

Dream big folks, and don't forget to make those dreams come to life. If you need some encouragement or butt kicking (as in support of course), call me!


  1. Be sure you write or email!!! Have a fabulous trip!

  2. well, i have no doubt at all that you can make this happen...isn't that dryer a perfect manifestation of your Awesomeness In Getting Shit Done?

    oh yeah. it's all just academic from here on..