Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More Than Enough

Yesterday I raced and swirled around in circles and spirals trying to make something happen.

{Picking up a dryer , if you must know, something I've gone without for about 6 months now - I need a gas one, not as easy to come by as electric. And it needs to be used, because my finances are not at the place to support a brand spankin' new one, nor not sure I'd want to spend that much money on something I can find nearly new if I'm just willing to drive a few extra miles. Anyhow...}

Everything was conspiring against me. Yet I wanted to get it done SO much. I was willing to drive very far, to a stranger's house, by myself, and figure out how to unload it all by myself somehow when I got home.



And finally, at some point, some deeply recessed common sense eventually surfaced. Along with some brilliant insight.

If this doesn't happen today, if I miss out on this dryer...  there will be others.

Wow. Really? You mean, I don't have to buy into the scarcity story? You mean, I can actually believe and trust that there are other dryers out there in the world?



Once I shifted my story? 

I got an email from someone about a dryer closer to me, for a cheaper price.

LOVE when this happens! 

Will let you know how it all turns out.

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  1. yipppeeee!!

    i totally love that