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Last night ~ while coloring my mandala, my favorite way to "meditate" ~ I found myself listening to an 80's Alternative Rock station on Pandora. Now, I have not been someone to spend much time romanticizing the past or my youth. Especially the 80's. Please. But the 80's alternative rock scene did define my teenage years. And while doodling I was of course leapfrogging along with each song through memory after memory of that particular time of my life.

And this is one place it took me. Who says time travel isn't possible?

Sometimes I can't believe it took me over 20 years to claim the word artist for myself. I am gentle with this, there were many layers of "can't-ness" and "not-worthy-ness" to peel away first. However, when I was only 18 and just starting college, I painted this album cover on my dorm room door. (The dorms at this time still reflected a lingering trace of the free-wheeling 70's, by the time I had graduated this was replaced by a more stark clean 80's remodel, painting the walls and halls of the dorms was no longer an option. A huge loss for creative expression to be sure.)

Echo and the Bunnymen. Songs to Learn & Sing. (give a watch/listen here...)

What I can't believe is that I don't have a photo of my artistic masterpiece. It was of course long before iphones and the daily photo-documenting of our lives. (If you were in or anywhere close to UCSB in 1987, the Santa Rosa dorm, second floor, and happen to have random pictures... )

And so I what I found myself reflecting on is this long slow arc of my artistic self emerging. What a journey it's been. The signs were there. Way back when. I'm glad I paid attention. I'm glad I didn't give up on my inner artist. I'm glad I listened to that quiet muffled voice and have finally given her free reign at last! 

Hope you are listening to your inner creative self too, and giving it full expression.


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  1. echo and the bunnymen....*squeeeeeeeee*

    i had a flashback myself, the other day, of me spending hours in my room drawing and sketching...yes, album covers..i painstakingly reproduced The Cult's, LOVE album cover....lions, tigers, horses, dragons....omg, total Sketch Nerd...

    and i never gave it a second pressure, no documentation (no blogs, iphones back then to instantly capture and share what magnificence i'd created)...

    yup...long journey indeed...down the road, around the corner, up the hill and back again...