Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Still Winter

Every year - since I started paying attention - we have what I like to call a January Spring. The nights may still be cold but the days are sunny and clear and can warm up to almost 70. And it's a trick. Because it is not spring yet. It feels like it... but more cold weather is still to come. 

Each year, even though I "know" it's still winter, I want to get busy... take on this, take on that, plan here, plan there, schedule stuff, get it done! ... and then I am reminded, no, it is still winter. SLOW DOWN. Not yet!

This week it is my son getting some nasty bug that is going around to help me remember. We are on day three of the cold, but day two of staying home from school. Usually he's a perpetual motion machine. To see him curled up on the couch asleep during bright daylight hours tells me how badly he's feeling. Poor bug. If I end up with it, well then that will be a further reminder: STOP with the leaping forward into plans! Fine. I'm listening.

(Side note: Why do I feel guilty for missing work? Like somehow I am an irresponsible person that is abusing the system? Seriously? I know I am not alone in this. THERE is a story that must change.)

So I've been busy here carting the kleenex box around, fetching water, giving hugs, and tending to my little guy. What this is doing is slowing me down from completely revamping my website. I would like to offer a way to buy my art directly from the site, which includes adding prints of the originals to the mix. Which means I need good quality photos of my art. Lots to do! 

But I am hindered from doing this myself because 1. I have a phone camera and not a fancy DSLR. and 2. Even if the phone camera was okay, it's so gosh darned bright this week I can't get a good photo of my art because of the glare in every room of my house. 

Such a problem, I know.

I ended up giving into the energy of the week and letting it all just be. Forget the great photos. That will have to wait until another time. Or they will have to be taken by someone else.

For now, here is the latest painting. WAY too dark. But the colors are accurate compared to other versions that were brighter and washed out. The detail below gives an even better idea of the colors.

Acrylic on Canvas, 16" x 20"

Close-up detail.

It's all good. I'm learning a lot about light. And colors. And paying attention to quality.

I'm also drinking lots of tea. And painting. And repainting. And having a little tiff with one of my paintings. Interesting dance. Will share more about that later.

Stay well my friends! And if you end up not well, use it as a chance to slow down. 

It's still winter.

PS: You can read what I have to say about staying sane during the winter months over here, where I was honored to be a guest last week.


  1. Thanks for the reminder (((Doodle-bug-Mom))) thanks for the view into your quiet and still world, and thank you for taking the time out to write about 'not yet." Even if I do believe that Winter has abandoned us Southerners for full-on spring ♥

  2. hmmmm...yes..getting that Slow the Eff Down message myself...and YES, wrestling with misplaced guilt - WHY do we do this to ourselves! egads!

    gorgeous paintings, love...and worry not, it will all fall beautifully into place...(haha! i truly ought to practice what i preach)