Monday, January 21, 2013


Sometimes I am amazed by the transformations my paintings go through from start to finish. I sit down and start, just playing, pushing paint around the canvas. No plan, no map, no preconceived ideas. Just exploring with how the paint moves across the canvas. Or how colors combine. 

That's how this one started. But with a little different technique for me. I used a lot of water with the acrylics, starting slowly, leaving much of the white canvas exposed. My go-to technique until this one has been to slather gobs of paint on the canvas, mixing and moving it in all directions, quickly covering the entire canvas, ensuring that the "blank white canvas" fear (ie: WHAT in the world to paint? HOW to get started?) would not take hold.

Yet this one reminded me of when I first started painting, taking water color classes just after I had moved to Amador County. I was only 30 or so, in a class full of mostly retired folks, who seemed to know SO much more than me. I was so intimidated. And I will never forget the comment that one gentleman made upon seeing my work, "You need to paint bigger, and I'm not sure water colors are for you." I cringed at the time, taking it as a criticism of course. Then, slowly, oh so painfully slowly, realized he meant it as encouragement! And gosh darn it. He was dead on right! Bigger! Bolder! And I seemed to have listened...

For this painting, I found myself harking back to those water color class days, exploring how watery paint moves into wet or dry spaces, the blending, the dripping, the merging of colors... Of course, I still go bold, as you can see above. No pastel landscapes for this girl. The way I approached this canvas felt quite meditative. Quiet energy. It was the space I was in that day. My mood set the mood of the painting.

Well, at least the start of it.

What I ended up with? 


I LOVE her!

And I'd say my go-to technique, how I "usually" express myself through paint, came shining through loud and strong.

But how interesting to see that no matter the technique, it is all me. 

Looking back through my paintings the past couple years I definitely see me. My voice. My palette. My subject matter even.

My style.



If you'd like to see my work, you can do it here: my online portfolio.

Or here, on my website, which I'm hoping to "monetize" soon (that means you will be able to buy my paintings directly from my website, you know, with a shopping cart even!).



  1. your enthusiasm and passion fill me up. and that painting... it's alive, Indi - ALIVE! <3

  2. I LOVE your Voice dear heart. So powerful. <3

  3. I LOVE your Voice dear heart. So powerful. <3

  4. I LOVE your Voice dear heart. So powerful. <3

  5. Wow...Indigo.

    I love her too.

    She is amazingly beautiful and calls to my heart.

    ~*~*~*~ Sandi