Monday, April 22, 2013

Shifting Focus - Or Grasping at Whatever Works

Sometimes amongst the swirling goodness of life for some reason the not-so-feel-good-blues manage to take over. 

Overwhelm. Stuckness. Blah.

Kinda sucks.

Your friends can remind you of all the fabulous things in your life. Your family can tell you they love you. Your really good friend can tell you to "knock that shit off - do not forget that you are awesome."

Yet still. That murkiness still lingers.

And all the pep talks and positive thinking messages wash over you. They sink like the proverbial lead balloon. Because really? When you're in that kind of space? All that encouragement and good vibes talk? Not so helpful. More mocking than anything else. Go away is all you want to say. Or something more colorful and sailor-ish ... which you don't (though boy it would be fun).

But when you least expect it, one of those feel-good threads weaves its way under your skin. And dammit. You want to invite some of that in. Cuz feeling like crap? It gets old.

So taking a cue from this lovely soul, I'm taking a little moment to be grateful.

Here's just a taste of what I love about my life:

A fabulous kick-off to the month. My art. In public places.

A moment to honor an ending. Which of course also means new beginnings...

A fun road trip with a sister in search of wine. The sweets were an added bonus!

An adventurous buddy who always makes me laugh.

Creativity that keeps on showing up, despite my struggles with it at times.

A gorgeous spring day, beautiful green lunch spot, and fun socks.

Work that taps into my creativity, but also one that spreads a message that so needs to be heard.

Remembering to love always, and if I forget, it shows up in the strangest of places as a reminder.

Yummy lunch and sharing our stories, with a sister.

Serious selfie. Sharing the hard times helps send them on their way.

A self-portrait of a different kind. Revealing different things than a photo might.

A day of work that involved this view of spring.

And once more, this funny, imaginative boy who makes me laugh again and again, even when I don't want to.


  1. ♥ Beautiful to see you staying connected through it all xoxo And I love viewing these small vistas of your life. Keep on keepin' on woman - I am standing right beside you.

  2. And today you are my blessing, reminding me of all I have to be grateful for and motivating me to move off my couch and turn my world any shade but blue!!!!
    Thank you!

  3. holy crap -- i TOTALLY get that particular place of which you speak and how all of the jollying-along really isn't at all helpful..and actually, sort of aggravating!

    gratitude is a moste excellente antidote, though -- you are so right and it's the one i always fall back on.

    i love seeing glimpses of your world -- famous artist!!! -- and have i mentioned those socks and those shoes lately?! freakin' LOVE!!