Sunday, June 30, 2013

Art. Arting. Paint. Painting.

Have finally had some time to dip back into painting. 

It's amazing the selection of excuses, reasons, justifications, and fears that get in the way of putting paint to canvas. 


I finished the third one of the series. At last. 

Here are all three. 

They are smaller ones, 9"x12" and felt intimate for that. 

But I really miss big canvases! 

Time to invest in some. 

By the way, they are for sale. Just give me a jingle. Or visit my website, They will not be at the gallery anymore. Well, as of this month, none of them will be. However! You can still buy my art. Same as above. 

Support your local artist! 

Local artists everywhere thank you. 

We really do. 


  1. absolutely dreamy!!

    yay for art, arting, paint and painting!!


  2. These are lovely! {I came here via Mel :)} I especially love that last one.

  3. Indigo. Your are quickly becoming one of my favourite artists. You have your own voice and style and there is so much that comes from deep within you. My dear one thank you for all the many ways you inspire me.

  4. I so need to see these in person - your blues are the deepest, dreamiest, richest blues I've ever seen......mesmerizing.