Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Expect the Unexpected

Just when I think I know what I'm letting go of ~ in order to make room for the new ~ I surprise myself.

Basil Seedlings. An old, old packet of seeds that I was sure would not grow. Surprise! Here they come!

I haven't gardened in ages. I gave up trying to grow anything food-like when I lived in snow-country. So many trees. Not enough sun. Short growing season. Sloped land. Hungry deer. On and on. It felt like too much work and not enough fun.

Last summer I moved "to town" and except for watering the "grass" (weeds, really, but they are green anyway) that surround my little cottage of a house, that's about all the energy I had for gardening.

Cosmos youngsters, grown from seed. From a tiny little seed, this lovely little plant. Love how magical that is.
It started a few weeks ago. I don't know what got into me. But I bought some seed packets at the grocery store. Flowers. All of them. I've been watering diligently since then. Some took, some haven't. But they are growing! No flowers yet...but greenery.

Then, during our last hot spell of 100+ degree days I found myself at the garden center, blowing my budget so I could buy plants, seeds, and soil amendment. WHAT has gotten into me? I thought I was done with this outdoorsy/green/gardens stuff. Apparently not.
Yarrow plant. Transplanted. This will spread like wild fire once it gets going. Squeee!

Feels like I'm definitely planting some new seeds in my life. Transitions, the theme of the month, and I know something is a-brewing. New growth in my life. Can't wait to see where it will take me. To see what blooms.

Painting-wise? It seems AGES since I've painted. These next three paintings are all wee little things, 9" x 12". The last one is still in progress. (And the glare in the photos is atrocious, although in one respect it kinda makes them glow...).

New One

New Two

New Three (in progress still)

Actually, these have all been done in the past month. But I feel like painting has definitely taken a back seat. Life got crazy all of the sudden. Where did all of my time go?

Well, to be honest. It got drawn into one place in particular. The art gallery. It's a cooperative art gallery and it requires the artists to help run the place. Any fleeting bits of free time got sucked away. Willingly, of course, but after a few months? It just wasn't sustainable. I was feeling drained, uninspired, and cranky because there was no time to paint.

So, as of the end of June I will not have my art at the Sutter Creek Gallery any longer. It has been a most fabulous ride! I have learned so much, met so many wonderful people, and felt like it gave me a big boost of confidence. I know being part of it was a due to a huge gust of divine intervention. However what I expected to get out of it was not at all what I ended up discovering. What I was gifted was some HUGE insight into how I still see myself as small. How I keep the best part of me hidden and private. 

That right there? Best gift EVER.

Now that I've got that big realization about myself, it's time for me to bust out of my shell! Let the real me shine. No more hiding. I've got some work to do!

But first, I need to slow down. Regroup. Reclaim my summer. And see where I am led to next.

It feels like I'm prepping myself for the next phase of my life. If you choose to look at life in segments like that. A big shift is coming. New adventures. And I'm planting those seeds, watering them tenderly, and thrilled to be nourishing my soul into a truer version of me.  

I have a feeling the colors are going to be gorgeous!


  1. so inspiring. I just love you.

  2. *squeeee*

    as a fellow back-to-the-earther (last year's drought was so demoralizing on the gardening front) i am finding HUGE connection and inspiration in the soil. the whole act of tending, planting, nurturing....can we just proclaim the beautiful metaphor for what it is?!?!?

    fabulous. utterly. fucking. fabulous.

    your Cosmos is brilliant....alas, mind didn't take...yarrow? FAB!! magical plants...oooooh....magical...


  3. ♥Rockin' right along side you sister :) aaassssusual ;-)

    looking forward to seeing what we grow into next ♥

  4. it's all a magical ride isn't it? good for you for following your heart - I just know the next phase of you is going to be so shiny I'll have to wear shades!

  5. Just catching up with everyone ... and loving how we all seem to be in similar spaces of reclaiming our lives and following the inspiration, the energy and the joy. Oh, how I LOVE your work and even more, love the thought of you holding some secret piece awaiting proper time to reveal! I think often about that afternoon in Sedona at the gallery/restaurant and talking with Cher (what was her name?!) and the sense of potential and possibilities that moved through all of us like a static shock. So good. I still feel it!

    Oh, and I hope my yarrow survives the baby bunnies who love to nibble on it! I have it in a cage and still they stick their little mouths in at the edges!

    Big love to you and you boy - xoxo