Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Is Here

We started off summer with two days of rain. RAIN! In California, in summer! This qualifies as a miracle in my book. Now, two days later, we will be having a week of 100+ degrees weather. Le Sigh.... I do know about myself that I am NOT a hot weather person. But it's where I live...

So this morning I enjoyed the last traces of coolness sitting on my front porch, appreciating the moment. 

Here is one view of my porch.

Here is a view from my porch.

I live in town but it often feels like I'm a million miles from everything thanks to where I live. Not that it doesn't have its challenges. There are three houses on the property where I live. So it's cozy. And well.... you know, I want to like everyone.... Let's just say it's great for practicing boundaries. Ahem.


I believe last post I left you with my declaration to the world to shine my most beautiful self. To stop hiding. I was kinda on fire.

Then, I don't know, Solstice and a full moon, and Mercury retrograding all over the place...? Maybe it's just me. But it's convenient when the big galactic haps synch with my poopiness.

There has been much focus on what I don't have. Where I am not. What I am not doing. Very very very tiring after a while. 

After deciding to slow down and take my paintings out of the gallery, I know, truly, that I just need to be. To paint. To stop trying to figure it all out - goals, plans, what's next with my art, etc, etc. But that doesn't then stop me from comparing my life to those out there in cyber world that I admire. Wondering, why am I not living my dream? Why am I still working the day job? Why am I still wallowing in past hurts and moping about? Why in the world am I not appreciating all the goodness that I do have in my life? 

Good grief.

Hence. The porch sitting this morning.

Getting present. Just being. Me, my cats, my tea, a brief respite of a cool breeze to start the day.

What do you do when it feels like you are not where you'd like to be? What's in your tool box to be okay with where you are at in life? Please share, I could use some new ideas.

Here's to being in the present moment. May they add up deliciously.


  1. I was hoping someone would drop by with some awesome wisdom! I have so much to say about this but couldn't figure out how to write it down without coughing up the last several months of my life all over your beautiful blog page :) so I'll just say this: me too. If it helps to know you are not alone, then think of me sweltering down here in the 100+ degree heat asking the same questions. Attempting to get out out of my crabby head and into my body and my heart. Lots of love to you!!

  2. Hey Indi! Big hugs! Lately my best Medicine is returning to the things I love. I've been playing my flute a lot. I'm painting a lot. I am listening to my heart and and feeling the truth of each moment. sometimes there is much sadness in there, and other times over flowing joy. my favorite prayer to the Divine is: please help me let go to Life. Learning to love each moment helps me stop pushing against it. Then I can see more clearly the changes I want to make.
    Love to you painting woman!