Friday, August 23, 2013


Funny how the school schedule gets to dictate the rhythm of the year. It's still summer. 90+ degree days and all that. Yet the energy shifts. Earlier mornings. Busier days. Homework angst.


It also means I get my studio time back. So there's that.

It feels like I didn't paint much over the summer break. I had decided that after the excitement and busy-ness of the gallery, and the subsequent ending of my participation there, I was going to have a quiet summer as far as my art went. No pressure to produce. Let go of what came next. Just enjoy it without any expectations. And when I think, gosh, I hardly painted at all this summer, I take a look at my studio and see that, well, actually, a few paintings got completed, or started. Somehow I snuck in some painting here and there.

There was this one. HUGE shift and declaration for me (more about it here).

I had started this one a while back. It was almost done, but not quite. So it sat on my easel for most of the summer, watching me, me watching it, watching them... today, just a few more touches. Et voila. Done.

And then a couple little ones, to help me get through the icky times. When I was tired and drained. Or feeling a bit hopeless about things ever changing. 

Those stretches? Geez. Need they come so fast and furious? 

But then there is the magic of painting for me. 

Get out the paint and brushes. Turn on the music. Light some incense. Go. 

It's a miraculous process. It truly is. 

Every single time. 

The gremlins get the boot. And I can breathe again.

There is no way I can imagine my life without this creative and healing outlet ever again. 

(this one a work in progress, she showed up to watch over me and remind me every little thing is gonna be all right, so grateful)

Hope your summer has given you lots of goodness. Or if you are still in full summer mode, take a swing in a hammock for me...

Happy creating folks.