Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Following One's Whims, Often A Very Good Thing, I Believe

Would you look at that? Here I am. What in the heck brought me back here after more than a year? (To be honest it feels like much, much longer...)

But here I am. Have spent the afternoon catching up on a dear soul's blog, thought I had lost track of her, well, I knew I had, but suddenly she reappeared and it feels like a missing piece has been returned to its rightful place. Life is good.

And it seems to have had a far reaching effect upon me... a piece has been missing in my Life {capital L} too. I've definitely been on a creativity hiatus. Life took over last fall. Tending to my mom and her subsequent passing. And all the *lifeness* that takes over when you encounter something like that. But it's not the creativity part per se that I mean...

The piece I'm talking about is one that has never been in place. I've always felt like a significant chunk of why I'm here on this wee spinning orb of earthness has been missing.

It has not, suddenly, fallen into place. No, but jumping on here this evening, putting some feelings and thoughts into words on a screen seems to be what I need to do.

Odd, isn't it? These notions... these whims... I try to follow them whenever they come along... I know that trusting them often leads to some pretty magical places. I guess it's that I haven't been trusting them to come along, or that I wouldn't notice them when they did.

But I'm paying attention today. I usually am. Need to give myself credit. But this one, digging out the ol' blog. Yes, it feels right.

So here I am.

HI! (If there's anyone still out there...)

Kinda excited to see where this particular rabbit hole will lead.

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