Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Well-Balanced Weekend

Now that I live in Sutter Creek, along a busy-ish road, where tourists meander by to and fro from their lodgings, I feel like I want to be out and about more myself.

It's not new to be in town, I lived in Jackson for three years (a town slightly larger than Sutter Creek), but I was tucked away from the hubbub of daily life and could hunker down for long spells at a time, seeing no one and going nowhere (except for going to the day job, of course).

But now? I feel like it's going to be a challenge to just stay home, putter, go about my life without noticing what's going on and being distracted by what's "out there."

And let's be honest. What I'm really trying to say is, what's going to happen to my artistic path? Staying home and sitting with the creative process? It's not that easy on the best of days. Because that creativity inevitably means blocks, gremlins, and nasty bits that have to be pushed through. (They usually yield the best results, they do have their purpose, those damn gremlins.)

Glancing out my studio window and noticing the chattering group strolling towards main street for a pint and a tasty meal? It's not just about wanting to join them, no, there's also the thoughts like, "well I wonder where they're from?" and "gee, what's the story about that one guy falling behind, not worrying about keeping up with the group?" The stories I could weave, if I give into random mind-wandering.

Oye. I'm in trouble.

Or maybe not.

This past weekend I think I hit a very fine balance. Time spent out and about, but also ample time to be at home. For our nice long three day weekend my son and I kicked it off by taking a five minute walk over to a flea market (where treasures were indeed found) and had lunch. 
Two of these necklaces are new, but I couldn't resist
a pic of all of the ones I've curated over the years.

The next day we headed out early and took a hefty walk along the backroads over to Amador City and back (two miles one way), our goal being delicious pastries, hot chocolate for him, and a chai for me. 

The beginning of the walk back, which ended up
being definitely more uphill in that direction.

And the last day of our long three day weekend was spent having lunch at a new brewery with friends (in Plymouth, more known for being the gateway to wine - change can be good, I'm embracing it, grin)

Such yumminess. And right in our backyard. Lucky!

And yet there were still long hours of going within. My son draws like a fiend. He can go through a ream of paper in no time. Art journaling happened for me. As well as the ongoing, never-ending saga of unpacking (I revisited the 90's, who knew one box could hold so many memories!).

But as summer winds up to it's full-throttled pace, it will be interesting to see how much paint actaully gets thrown. Wish me luck!

Maybe this color will inspire me!
The green hills are being replaced by brown, but the poppies and wildflowers
have loved the extra wee bit of rain we've had this month

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