Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dipping My Toes In

I finally got my studio unpacked (well, mostly). And I can feel it in my bones that the next phase is gonna be different. Not sure what that means. I feel some of the past wanting to resurface: Celtic knot work, details sketched out first, my interest in glyphs (from various cultures)... but that hasn't coalesced into anything. Yet.

And I've been hesitant to pull out the canvases. That just oozes with commitment for some reason.

No, I'm dabbling instead.

In all the mess of things that I unpacked I found a few items bought at a thrift store ages ago, 5 years ago at least. I've been moving them from house to house for that long too. The original intent was to repurpose them. Paint them. Bling them up. Make them fun. Maybe even meaningful.

Yah. Well. They had some dust on them.

But they seem less intimidating than a blank canvas. I know I'll move through this. But for now? It's exactly what I need. To play. No worries about any involving or emerging style. Just fun.

Here's the first one.

It was boring fake wood brown. Maybe it's real wood. But the color was shouting out, "I'm drab!"

It's got all kinds of sparkle now.

And any meaning to it?

Actually. Yes.

As I painted my intent was simple: I'm inviting in whatever is next. I'm open. I feel ready to level-up. Something bigger. Whatever that means. But trying not to get too attached to anything in particular. But I'm ready.

Bring it on.

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