Thursday, June 18, 2015

Creative Busy Is Good Busy

Hello Friends!

I jumped back into blogging during Mercury retrograde. I wondered if it would stick.

Here I am a few weeks later and haven't really got back into the habit of posting. But for good reason. Very good reason!

I have a plethora of creative projects at the moment that are competing for my attention. Blogging takes a back seat then, as writing is not usually my go-to creative outlet.

Recently I agreed - also during Mercury retrograde - to help out a local organization with their website. I thought I had sworn off creating websites for folks. I love the design part of it, I do, but maintaining them will never be my forté. In the past I seemed to keep getting pulled back into what I thought were completed projects - long past the design phase - and so I decided: no more. Well, I caved, one more. Just one more. And of course I'm having fun. So it's all good.

But then I also have a project for work that lets me tap into my creative vein. This will be our second summer to have a display window at the county fair. Last year's fair theme was "There's No Place Like Home," we had a great adventure creating a window that tied into that theme as well as to the work we do (children 0-5 and their families). This is last year's window, if you can see it through the glare... we got 3rd place! Not bad for our first entry. 

Then - huzzah! - someone saw my little blue alien in her tardis and wanted an alien for herself. That's called a COMMISSION my friends. YES! A new alien is slowly birthing her way into the world, although this time in purple. This is my blue one here:

AND! At the same time, I was asked to donate an art piece to the annual art auction and fundraiser for our local Hospice agency. This has huge significance (and emotions) because my mom volunteered for Hospice for 10 years, and of course, they went absolutely above and beyond when, ultimately, we needed their services for her when it was her time to say goodbye.

What's incredibly beautiful about this opportunity though? Is that my own personal artistic creativity has amped up the volume and I've been a mad demon with the paint and whatnot for an altered book piece that I will be donating. I had no idea how to create one but the whole thing popped into my viewfinder brain waiting to be made. (Bless the internet for instant access on to how to do things!) 

I have tapped into my artistic zen-zone my friends. I'm in my groove. It's all I want to be doing. Waiting for paint to dry has never been so agonizingly slow! So of course I've started another one, a companion piece to the one I've already started. And now I have a glorious stack of books to repurpose into art. I can't contain all the creative juiciness that is flowing through my head and hands and heart, I definitely need more hours in the day!

When it rains it pours. So they say. (If only that were the case for California...but that's another topic... )

So blogging. It will fit in here, and there. But may never be a daily/weekly/regular thing. My focus is otherwise engaged. And hallelujah for that!!