Friday, July 31, 2015

Magic Making

This summer I'm weaving some magic for myself through the act of small and big intentions. Focusing on what I want to be in this world. Or how I want to be... that might be a better description.

Every couple weeks I am changing up the theme based on different interests and identities I have of myself that I'd like to explore and expand further. I started with Artist a few weeks ago and I've created some rituals and fun activities to get intentional for each area of interest.

For the second round? I'm letting my Wine Geek self have center stage. 

Yes, it does involve wine tasting and drinking.

Oh, the sacrifice! I tell you, this self-growth stuff is tough work.

Heh heh...

I'm continuing with similar intention-setting rituals as the first round:
  • Make an altar on the theme.
  • Pull some cards. (Oh, for those of you not familiar with this... think Tarot, but with variations.)
  • Explore and reflect upon the topic by writing about it in my journal.
  • Create a collage from magazine pictures and what not, letting my right-brain have a say.
  • Make an art journal page (ditto, right brain, but even more so).
  • Find a plant to add to my garden to nurture along with my intentions.

For the plant to add to my garden for the Wine Geek theme? I  couldn't believe it when I saw this one. I wasn't even planning on looking at plants today. This is Cosmos - Choca Mocha. LOOK at the color of those petals?! A heavenly red wine right there if there ever was one. And with a name like that? Destiny! She needed to come live in my garden. Pure joy!


This round I also happened to take a much-anticipated field trip to the mecca of wine shops in northern California, if not all of California: Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant in Berkeley. He specializes in French and Italian imports only. He also wrote the pivotal book Adventures on the Wine Route - a Wine Buyer's Tour of France, that every certified wine geek should have in their library. (If you ask me anyway.)

Walking into the store that first time? (mind you, it's not a huge space) The choices! I was instantly overwhelmed. In the best way of course. The fantastic shop keepers tried to help me, but I just needed to walk around in a dazed state for a while, taking it all in, before I could even think about narrowing down my choices and making purchases.

I ended up being VERY VIRGO about the whole thing in the end, über organized to the core, even on the fly: I chose a white, a rosé, a red and a sparkling wine. And I managed to cover four different regions of France: the Languedoc, Bandol, Rhône Valley, and a new-to-me area, Bugey. How thrilled was I to deepen my knowledge of the wine geography of France? 

It was all over way too fast. I will be going back. No doubt about that.

It's been an interesting couple weeks. Pondering what role wine plays in my life (aside from drinking it, of COURSE). Would I want a job in the wine industry, for example. What would I do? How would my skills at my current job translate to that industry? Would they? There are folks out there that warn you loving something and having a job doing that same thing are two completely different experiences. And working in the area of what you are passionate about may kill the very thing you love.

But you know what? When I walk into a behind-the-scenes moment at a winery? All 5 of my senses fall deeply in love. The musty smell of grapes. The hard work of the many hands involved. Those long racks of barrels towering towards infinity. The connection to agriculture, the land, the earth itself... Even my 6th sense is perking up and taking notice. It is truly a spiritual experience. 

Wine. Geek.


Anyway. No telling where this all might lead. But ya know what? Learning about, drinking, and appreciating wine and the folks who nurture it along from those gnarled and twisting vines will keep holding my interest for a long time coming. 

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