Sunday, August 16, 2015

Open to Receive

I'm on my third installment of my intention-filled summer. I started with Art (ie: an artist's life/path). Then followed up with Wine (ie: wine geek). The latest one? Delving into my obsession with all things French. Mind you, that does not limit me to France. Though the country and it's religious adherence to a quality of life over quantity definitely has its appeal.

About three or four years ago I suddenly unearthed my inner Francophile. I had no idea she was there. I started teaching myself French, reading everything I could about life in France, following blogs of folks who had transported themselves there (either permanently or temporarily), listening to a French radio station online that played African-French artists, and of course have consumed copious amounts of literature on French wine (ahem...).

It was only with a couple years of this obsession under my belt that I started to reflect on the many times that France/French had bubbled up to the surface of my life, although completely under the radar as far as my being aware of it or having any deeper meaning goes. I've been to France three times. I had a French roommate for a few years when I lived in San Francisco. I got to hang out in Senegal for a month, where they speak French, and there was that mad crush on French-speaking travelers as I back-packed my way through Asia. (And we'll just skip past the not so successful online dating experience of that French chef, mmmkay?) But all of that was totally unconscious. In hindsight, I can see I've had lots of opportunities to pursue a complete geek out about French/France but didn't.

So when I focused in on this subject the past couple weeks I was a little surprised to see that there wasn't the same passion (obsession) with it that existed for Art and Wine. I felt less intense about it I guess you could say. I've been studying French but not really worried if I ever become fluent. I have watched more French language films in the past three years than I've watched movies in general in the past 13. I'd love to go back to France but I'm not skimping on canvases or wine club orders in order to save my money to get there. 

It's been a fun diversion, but not my end all, be all.

So spending the past two weeks intentionally focusing on this French/France aspect of my life, the timing seemed a little, well, coincidental (and lets be honest, freaky), when I suddenly got a message from my former French roommate. I left the Bay Area 16 years ago, and though we've stayed connected through Facebook, we have not really been in touch. She had, unfortunately, very sad news to share, a French friend of hers that I had met and hung out with several times, had experienced a horrific life challenge. Yet through this tragedy, she and I have now reconnected and she'll be coming to visit in a couple weeks.

(By the way, an important aside, I'm a big adherent of synchronicity. Just saying.)

So, as I've done with the past two rounds, I had glued together a collage, created an art journal page and pulled some cards, amongst other things. You can imagine my surprise then when I got this one and learned its message:

"You are receiving a mythic call! This lens call forth your personal vision, evoking the seeded remembrance of your life's purpose. Awaken to your destiny."


Um. Okay then.

No pressure. Lol.

So. Having no idea what that exactly means, I'm going to continue watching my French films, listening to African-French music, and indulging in French wine. Remaining open to whatever and wherever this will all lead. It's fun. There's no doubt about that. 

So I'm good.

Here's to following your bliss and being open to the magic of life, no matter where it takes you!  

Bon courage!

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