My Story

My dance with art involves an intuitive process. I have learned to trust my intuition and to listen to my inner voice to guide me along an amazing path of self-discovery. Each painting begins with the intent to discover what exactly my soul needs to express at any given moment. I sink into the act of putting paint on paper or canvas, and release whatever preconceived notions there might be about the outcome. This is both freeing and terrifying at the same time. It is a dance of emotions, of experience, and of memory.

When I paint, I tap into both my personal and the collective unconscious. What shows up on the canvas is coming from this place of the unknown. I do not sit down before I paint with certain ideas or images that I want to recreate. I let the painting emerge, little by little, in a spiraling motion, abstract to concrete, back to abstract to concrete again, round and round until the 'final' image is brought to light.

I am bringing into the world something that has never existed before. I am creating something brand new. I am sharing with you my experience of traveling through the lands of both this personal and the collective unconscious. You will have your own unique experience when you encounter my paintings. It could be a small sliver of recognition, a huge AHA kind of moment, or complete indifference. No one will experience it in exactly the same way. This end result is not something I can control, nor would want to. And that is the point ~ it is the journey through that matters, not necessarily the final ending place.

However, the results are often subject matter that are both other worldly and mysterious. I feel that this process is similar to a shamanic journey, traveling through inner and galactic realms, bringing back images from across time and space. They provide both myself and the viewer something old, or perhaps, something familiar, memories and insights, revealing our stories, ancient and new.

*I am making the unconscious conscious.*

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