The LOVE Revolution

Part One!

I believe in dreams. 

And I believe in making those dreams come true.

No matter how big. Or how small.

We all have them. Some remain hidden. 
Or tucked away where they are safe from critical eyes.
Some of us are just discovering that we even have them.
Take your time.
They are there, waiting patiently.

My dream? 
Well I have several. 

Art & A Creative Life
Changing the world.

You know, the regular stuff.


These two fabulous people? They have a dream too. Meet Vincent and Abigael Kenanda.

They live in Kisii, Kenya.

Their dream is to help the disadvantaged children of Kisii.

So they started a fabulous place called Twiga.

And they are sharing the LOVE with these wonderful children.

And you know, when we bring our dreams together, 
they are magnified, and they become real much faster.

And the connections formed? Fantastic!

So my dream, about Art?

I've joined up with Vincent and Abigael, and I'm doing a couple things to help all of our dreams come true ~ raising some much needed funds for Twiga, and sharing some LOVE.  

The second one being pretty darn important.

How am I doing this?

By selling these.

 Each one a little different. Hand-made by me. And I poured my LOVE into them.

And you can too. Pour your LOVE into them.

By buying one of these necklaces, the proceeds go to the children in Kisii.

We had a HUGE adventure in July. 

It was a lot of fun! 

We sold 50 necklaces in less than 3 weeks, and we raised $1,000 for Twiga!

It was amazing!

You can read all about the kick-off HERE.  

And you know what? The necklaces? 
They are still available. 
They aren't on Etsy, but you can email me if you'd like one. 
If you'd like to keep the LOVE Revolution going ~

The details?

Necklaces are $22  ~  $20 of that goes to Twiga. The other $2? For packaging. 
And then there will be shipping, that will be case by case, anywhere from $2.00 to $6.00, depending on where you live.

Pretty cool, huh? I don't make anything from this. Just so you know. 

I just want to GIVE. 

Giving LOVE is a pretty damn good thing, in my humble opinion.

Making dreams come true?

Ah, that is LOVE for sure. And magical.

So join us! Be part of this LOVE Revolution.

And Part 2?  Well, we'll just have to see what happens.... grin.